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TVMES is pleased to announce the introduction of our Cloud Architecture Assesment as a Service (CAaaS) for Cloud CoE leaders. We have been continually asked by our clients to support them in selecting an appropriate cloud provider, solution, security, and architecture to achieve optimal CoE operational efficiency.

Leveraging our experience using research tools and unique insights to the technical capabilities, pricing models each cloud offerings, we have developed comprehensive evaluation models that align with our client’s financial and operational requirements the provide the right solution and architecture recommendations.

cloudcoematurity team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations to assess which cloud solution is most appropriate for a client's specific needs based on their enterprise architecture, current consumption, security, technology stack, and governance controls. Based on our experience running these IT cloud operations, evaluating the current market offerings and contributing to the design and technology roadmap for many of the offerings available, TVMES is expert in recommending the most appropriate cloud solution for your organization, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.

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